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Invest in the development of an individual employee and see the whole team getting better! The precondition for successful teamwork is that all team members feel seen, accepted and respected by the others. Only those who feel safe in their team can think creatively and express their thoughts with confidence.
A harmonious and respectful cooperation in a team or group is therefore not a luxury aspect that serves only the well-being of the employees. In fact, team or group coaching is an efficient tool for increasing productivity and output.

Do you want to discover the full potential of your teams and groups, and strengthen the personal responsibility of your employees? The Empowerment Holdings team and group coaching shows you how to do this.
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Goals of the Team or Group Coaching

Clarifying Corporate and Team Vision
Develop a clear vision for your team with our help. Having a vision is one of the most important factors when it comes to long-term motivation of your employees. The objectives can be formulated and pursued in a focused manner only when the big picture is clearly visible to all members of the team. The vision developed in the team coaching helps you to increase acceptance for challenging decisions and serves as orientation and base line for the entire team in challenging times.
Improve Workplace Culture
We help you to develop a workplace culture in which your employees feel comfortable and are able to unfold their full potential. We work out with you the strengths of each individual and develop acceptance of diversity and differences within the team. In this way we strengthen the feeling of "we" in your team and at the same time increase commitment and motivation.
Leading With Innovative, Mindful Techniques
Train on site and practice various innovative, mindful leadership techniques.
Understand Conditioned Thinking
Learn with us how your team works and ticks in reality. Even if we humans consider ourselves predominantly rational beings: Our ways of thinking and our decisions are often influenced by factors that we are not even aware of. In a team coaching such internalized automatisms and paradigms can be detected and solved.
Develop Plans for Intelligent Collaboration
Improve your team's processes with intelligent collaboration and increase the overall team productivity. Find out with us which resources you have in your team and learn to use the diverse problem-solving skills effectively.
Master the Psychology of Mindful Leadership
Master and apply the psychology of mindful leadership in important transformation processes, transitions, growth and development.
Julian Teicke
Julian Teicke
Founder & CEO, Wefox Group
"Empowerment Holdings helped us identify and tackle key 21st Century leadership challenges that directly resulted in effectively elevating the vision, mission, strategy and execution at Wefox Group, bringing greater focus and alignment into our C-Level leadership team, recruiting top talent, working toward building a more human and transparent high-performance culture, supporting us in successfully closing a $125 million investment round, and achieving 400% growth company wide."

Reasons for a Team or Group Coaching

There are sometimes concrete external reasons for team or group coaching, e.g. before and during restructuring, staff reduction or growth. Team or group coaching is especially effective in the following situations:
A hidden conflict exists in your team for a longer period of time. Everybody is aware of it, but nobody has a solution for the problem and as a result your team slides more and more into a deadlock state. Team coaching helps you to solve the conflict, to recognize the cause of the problem and to develop a strategy to initiate a long-lasting transformation that will make your team effective again.
You notice that the performance of the individual members of your team varies greatly. You can't find out where these fluctuations come from in one-on-one meetings. As a leader, you want to understand how to get the best out of your employees. We help you to realize the full potential of your team and discover hidden resources.
Your organization is undergoing a restructuring phase and a change of strategy. You as a team lead are facing the challenge of adjusting and adapting your team to the new situation. Team coaching helps you to handle the process in a well-structured way and to discover and support the new potentials of your team members.

Roadmap Team or Group Coaching

Onboarding Team Lead
We assess the current situation and the desired goals with the team lead and stakeholders. We provide you with a realistic and holistic concept including strategy and plan.
Your team will get a common language and tools and receive training in various innovative, mindful leadership techniques. In this way we cultivate an independent, sustainable team culture within the team.
Clarifying the paradigms, skills, challenges and goals of your team. Develop a plan to bring yourself and your team to a higher level of awareness.
Defining Goals & Actions
In the group sessions our coaches accompany you through the resistance and blockades which prevent you from achieving your goals.
Measure Results & Give Feedback
Measure the results of the coaching and gain value from the collected feedback.
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15 Years Worldwide Experience

We have over 15 years of experience and have supported companies worldwide in their development processes.

Renowned Customers

We have advised a large number of renowned, international clients including LinkedIn, Citibank, Forbes, Hewlett Packard and many others.

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Scientifically Based

Our concepts and methodology are based on scientifically proven systems and Far Eastern philosophy.

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