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Coaching with a focus on mindfulness and success - meet the challenges of your work and everyday life with more focus, clarity and calmness.
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In a business world full of complexity, unpredictability and uncertainty, your leadership skills are essential for the success of your company. We help your team and your company to cope better with the current challenges of the world by taking you and your organization to a new level.
With our Mindful Leadership Coaching Programs you develop a solid foundation and understanding of mindful leadership. This will help you to face the challenges of the business world with more clarity, focus, power and calmness.

Measurable Effects of Mindful Leadership Coaching

Higher Profitability
Higher Productivity
Higher Revenue
Reduced Absenteeism

The Goals of Mindful Leadership Coaching

Whether executive, team or business coaching, our clients report on the following goals that they have set for their coaching:
More clarity
about goals and purpose in a private or professional context
More capacity, power and focus
for the things that really matter
More leadership tools
for various challenges in business and private life
More authentic results
in your life
Together with the coach, you define the exact goals that you wish to accomplish. Management coaching is not a flash in the pan, but a sustainable measure. The changes achieved are constant and have a long-term effect on your life and career.
Julian Teicke
Julian Teicke
Founder & CEO, Wefox Group
"Empowerment Holdings helped us identify and tackle key 21st Century leadership challenges that directly resulted in effectively elevating the vision, mission, strategy and execution at Wefox Group, bringing greater focus and alignment into our C-Level leadership team, recruiting top talent, working toward building a more human and transparent high-performance culture, supporting us in successfully closing a $125 million investment round, and achieving 400% growth company wide."
Max Laemmle
Founder & CEO, Fraugster
"Empowerment Holdings helps you and your company to make personal growth quantifiable. In just the first 12 weeks, we developed a clear, compelling and measurable vision and execution strategy for exponential growth, rallied our most important stakeholders, put a key process in place for better identifying and on-boarding needed top talent and tracking their goals and achievements, and received raving reviews from our employees for how we are managing and leading during challenging times and COVID-19. The powerful mindful leadership coaching process, tactics and tools Empowerment Holdings provides are backed by science, practical and excellent. They are highly effective and have already produced measurable ROI."
Jack Canfield
CEO - The Canfield Training Group
Empowerment Holdings is the "real deal". The founder, Dawa Tarchin Phillips, is an authentic and experienced mindful leadership coach, researcher and scholar who has a high level of mastery of the skills of personal and organizational transformation and the principles of success. Whether it is personal leadership development, insightful organizational development or individual coaching for yourself or your high potentials, Empowerment Holdings sees the big picture and has the expertise and skills to help you get there.
Why So Many Customers Trust Us
Science-based and consistent coaching concept
Active worldwide and in multiple languages
15 years of experience with renowned leaders and companies
Coaching customized to fit your personal and professional needs
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Our Coaching Approach

Field-Tested & Effective Executive Coaching Strategy

Whether executive, team or company, our coaching sessions follow a clear and constant concept. The Mindful Leadership Breakthrough (MLBX) approach of Empowerment Holdings combines western psychological and neurobiological models with behavioral economics and eastern philosophy. It is a simple and proven coaching system whose goal is to improve the capacity, competencies and skills of leaders and their organizations. We rely on various mindful leadership practices (i.a. focused attention, self-awareness, meditation) to help our clients in an effective and holistic way.
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