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In a world of business that is constantly changing, your composure and focus are priceless.

Join our community to become the authentic and connected leader you know you can be!

We work with intelligent professionals and business owners who run profitable businesses and understand that only solid coaching makes for happier champions.

At Empowerment Holdings we assist business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders with the integration of conscious business principles and conscious business skills into their professional lives and businesses following personal leadership development plans.

If you are like most high achieving professionals we know, you work hard to stay on top of things. Nonetheless, you are at times disillusioned and frustrated that your financial and professional success comes at such a high price in personal integrity and wellbeing, and you want improvement.

There are four areas where greater alignment and stability has to take place if you wish to succeed in improving your current situation.

Our courses will effectively train and coach you in:

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First recognize things the way they are rather than the way you wish they were. Put an end to denial.
Upgrade your vision and start to awaken to the necessary causes, conditions and your potential for further development.


Integrate proven tools and methodologies that allow you to align your habits, systems and processes with your Empowered Perspective.
Define skillful action as both a shift in the way you see yourself as a professional and the way you do things. We make it simple for you and help you do what has been proven to work and stop what doesn’t.


Connect and work with people who are trained and committed to translate Empowered Perspective into action.
Hire and affiliate with awake and courageous experts who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone in order to help keep you focused.


Do what has been proven to work. Do it well and long enough to see it through to fruition.
Focus on Integrity, Quality, Quantity and Continuity. We help keep you accountable and get you through the tough periods to new and worthwhile horizons.

Business owners who implement this approach see their business grow on average 25% and their work hours freed by up to 30%.

While every business situation is unique and results may vary, the benefits you’ll enjoy from following a personal leadership development plan are many.

The people at Empowerment Holdings have been invaluable to me!

I immediately recognized them as someone who would have a very positive impact on my life. I particularly appreciate that the teachings are very real and pragmatic. They apply to my world and my everyday life. Empowerment Holdings takes complex ideas and makes them very accessible.

I feel strongly about the value their programs bring to the lives of many people. I see how others relate immediately to their open, caring attitude and teaching style, and I hope that many people will continue to benefit from their teachings.”

– Jennifer, Business Owner and CEO

Every member will learn how to create crystal clear written goals, generate a “next step” and how-to action plan, develop greater personal awareness, discover hidden challenges and find a renewed energy and focus for intelligent success. Get the results you want!

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