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Are you facing specific challenges in your company? Would you like to improve performance and output and at the same time support the further development of employees and management in a sustainable way?

Our Empowerment Holdings WE LEAD program helps you ensure that planned results are actually delivered. To do so, we coach your employees and managers in establishing a consistent culture of self-responsible leadership.
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Goals of the Business Coaching

More Productivity and Efficiency at All Levels
Increase the productivity and efficiency of your company with the help of our coaching tools. Together with you, we will improve your corporate communication, problem-solving strategies and conflict management within the organization. We show you how to make the most of your resources. Increase the motivation and satisfaction of your employees with our help and discover the hidden potential and development abilities.
Consolidation of Vision, Strategies and Values
Develop with us a corporate vision that is sustainable and shared with your employees. We show you how to communicate and integrate your vision credibly through all levels.
Increase Employee Engagement
The commitment of your employees is essential for the long-term success of your company. We show you how to increase the feeling of community and togetherness within your company and how to make your employees feel emotionally engaged. We teach you how to establish concepts such as Psychological Safety in your organization and how to apply them successfully.
Psychology of Mindful Leadership
Through our coaching sessions, seminars and webinars, we create in your company an awareness of the concept of effective leadership. We teach your employees the psychology of mindful leadership and create understanding for conditioned thinking. By implementing the concepts, we help not only to cultivate a common language, but also a common approach to challenges.
Julian Teicke
Julian Teicke
Founder & CEO, Wefox Group
"Empowerment Holdings helped us identify and tackle key 21st Century leadership challenges that directly resulted in effectively elevating the vision, mission, strategy and execution at Wefox Group, bringing greater focus and alignment into our C-Level leadership team, recruiting top talent, working toward building a more human and transparent high-performance culture, supporting us in successfully closing a $125 million investment round, and achieving 400% growth company wide."

Roadmap Business Coaching

CEO Coaching
As the first step of the company coaching, we develop together with the CEO a vision and strategy for the company. All further steps are aligned with this.
C-Level Coaching
The executive team will be introduced to mindful leadership and targeted business coaching in their own areas.
Management Coaching
The management is likewise being trained in Mindful Leadership to develop skills in mindful and empathic leadership.
Employee Coaching
Training and coaching for all employees makes it faster to establish a common language and culture.
Feedback (all levels)
We measure the results of the business coaching together. The collected feedback has a tremendous potential of added value, which you can use for you own benefit.

When is business coaching useful?

Frequent challenges in the corporate environment are restructuring, staff reduction or even rapid growth. New opportunities can be used optimally when talents are recognized, strengths developed and weaknesses worked on.
In both scenarios, the organization will come through the situation better and more successfully if the initial situation is thoroughly assessed and the right conclusions are drawn. In these cases, business coaching is more than useful and will support you in managing the processes.

Your Advantages With Empowerment Holdings

With Empowerment Holdings you have an experienced business coaching partner at your side. What distinguishes us?

Unified Approach With Structure

Our experienced and highly qualified coaches train your employees according to a systematic Empowerment Holdings approach: with strategy and structure, solution-oriented and science-based.

Renowned Customers

Our credibility and competence speak for us. Customers all over the world have already benefited from our services, including companies as LinkedIn, Forbes, Sotheby's, Marc O'Polo and many others.

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Measurable & Scalable Success

The success achieved through our business coaching is measurable and scalable. You can verify and quantify the effects of your coaching process.

Our Coaching Approach
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