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It is not always easy for leaders to find the balance between their personal lives, values and goals with the work they do for the company. Our executive coaching helps you to reflect and develop your own behavior as a leader and to successfully put decisions into practice. In this way, you can meet the growing demands of your role even better and increase your overall impact. Our highly qualified executive coaches work in a concrete, individual and goal-oriented manner with you and for you.
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Goals of the Executive Coaching

Develop a Vision
Develop clear visions with us. Whether in your private life, career or for your company, a clear vision helps to give all areas of your life a clear structure. It helps you to set priorities and create more capacity and helps you to align yourself with your daily tasks. We help you to promote yourself and your vision and thereby assist you in creating your own profile, which is in line with your values and goals.
Preparation for New Tasks, Situations and Positions
Life is about constant change. With us you learn how to handle challenging circumstances and situations better and how to stay aligned with yourself and your vision. We help you to develop resilience and assist you in making your transformation process effective and efficient.
Reflect and Sharpen Your Leadership and Social Skills
Improve your management style with us. Your leadership skills are of utmost importance for your company. Develop with us a mindful leadership approach and strengthen your self-efficacy and decision-making confidence as well as your self-perception and the perception of others. We assist you in creating a plan for a more effective working environment and help you and your employees to take it to the next level.
Learn the Psychology of Mindful Leadership
Learn with us what it means to lead in a mindful way. Master the psychology of mindful leadership and learn to understand your conditioned thinking. Use your newly gained knowledge to make even better decisions in all areas of your life.
Manage Conflicts With Colleagues and Customers Better
Learn with us how to deal with conflicts in an attentive manner. We help you to understand where recurring conflicts might come from and how you can solve those once and for all. Improve your workplace culture in the long term and develop your company.
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Max Laemmle
Founder & CEO, Fraugster
"Empowerment Holdings helps you and your company to make personal growth quantifiable. In just the first 12 weeks, we developed a clear, compelling and measurable vision and execution strategy for exponential growth, rallied our most important stakeholders, put a key process in place for better identifying and on-boarding needed top talent and tracking their goals and achievements, and received raving reviews from our employees for how we are managing and leading during challenging times and COVID-19. The powerful mindful leadership coaching process, tactics and tools Empowerment Holdings provides are backed by science, practical and excellent. They are highly effective and have already produced measurable ROI."
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Executive Coaching Process

First Consultation
We discuss the "as-is" situation and the desired goals with you. We provide you with a realistic and holistic concept including strategy and plan.
We introduce you to the basic principles of Mindful Leadership and discuss the differences between your actual and desired situation.
We help you to identify your behavioral patterns, paradigms, skills, challenges and goals. We develop an action plan that brings you to a higher level of consciousness.
Defining Goals & Actions
During the sessions, our highly experienced executive coaches accompany you through resistance and blockades which prevent you from achieving your goals.
Measuring Goals &
360° Feedback
Based on the results achieved, we will define further steps which will bring you closer to your goals.
You will discover new skills and develop your own potential during the coaching process.
You can test and consolidate behavior that is still new to you in a protected environment. You can transform personal insights into energy and in this way reach a higher level of success.
Since the work with your coach is focused on your concrete questions, the results can be implemented directly and immediately in your everyday work.
Why you should trust Empowerment Holdings?

Your Advantages With Us as Executive Coaches

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Our Certified Coaches

Beside their coaching certificates our coaches are also trained in Mindful Leadership.

Clients From All Over the World Trust Us

We have already advised a large number of renowned, international clients, including LinkedIn, Citibank, Forbes, Hewlett Packard and many others.

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Executive Coaching With Scientifically Based Approach

In cooperation with leading universities, we have conducted studies in order to continuously develop our systematic methodology.

Our Coaching Approach

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Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We are happy to assist you in your journey of development.
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