Case Studies
Oct 1, 2020

Case Study - Consulting Company


Jennifer and her husband own a successful consulting firm with a six-figure annual turnover. She is respected in her field of Business Consulting and knows her trade.  For Jennifer it becomes more and more difficult to relax and her stress and overstrain levels increase.

She has done everything "right" - or as she was expected to do after graduating from business school. She has a lovely family, a beautiful house and an excellent reputation. But underneath she often feels hollow, questioning the purpose of her career and the long-term benefits her clients gain from her consulting services. Should she continue as before or change her path?

There is no one she can trust to really understand her situation and help her. Everyone around her seems too caught up in their own world or personal perspective.


Jennifer receives one-on-one coaching for leaders (Empowered People) where she reviews her personal and professional beliefs and principles. She finds out what she really thinks about the hard facts and reality of her business and personal life (Empowered Perspective) and integrates a strong understanding of transience and change.

She experiences a deeper motivation to be authentic, open and serene in all circumstances and the desire to never stop learning and growing (Empowered Perspective).

She is being coached by Empowerment Holdings in Conscious Business and Mindful Entrepreneurship and develops the right mindset, skills and abilities to promote herself and her business. Empowerment Holdings accompanies you on the way there and beyond and acts as a partner in your empowering process (Empowered Processes, Empowered Performance.)


Jennifer realized how the puzzle pieces of her work and life fit together seamlessly. Her clients appreciate her in-depth insights, the new commitment and the skills she brings to her work.