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Jennifer and her husband own a successful consulting firm that generates six figures in annual revenue. She is respected in her field of Business Consulting and knows her craft.  It becomes increasingly difficult for Jennifer to unwind. Her states of stress and overwhelm lead her to us.

She has done everything “right” – or the way she was suppose to  when she finished Business School.

She has a great family, a great house and a great reputation.

But underneath it often feels hollow, she questions the meaning of her career and the benefits her clients are receiving from training with her in the long term: Should she keep going or change paths?

There is no one who she feels really understands her situation and can assist her.Everyone around her seems too wrapped up in their own world or personal perspective.


Jennifer receives one-on-one Executive Coaching (Empowered people).She does the hard work of reviewing her personal and professional convictions – how do they hold up against the naked facts and realities of her business and life (Empowered Perspective)?

She integrates an acute understanding of impermanence and change, a deeper motivation to be authentic, open and composed in all circumstances, and the aspiration to never stop learning and growing (Empowered Perspective).

She is coached in Empowerment Holdings’ 4 Pillars of Conscious Business and Sacred Entrepreneurship™ and develops the right attitude, ability, emotional intelligence, leadership and skills to benefit herself and her company without delay. We keep her accountable and partner with her during the integration phase and beyond (Empowered Processes, Empowered Performance).


Jennifer became clear on how the puzzle pieces of her work and life fit together seamlessly. Her clients value her deepened insight and the new commitment and skill that she brings to her work.

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