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Empowerment Holdings offers you straightforward, concise interactive leadership training and executive coaching that generally runs from three (3) to eighteen (18) months and is designed to enhance your intelligent leadership and quality of life in business through personal leadership development plans.

Our programs are based on Empowerment Holdings’ 4 Pillars of Conscious Business and Sacred Entrepreneurship™. We empower you with good mindfulness based leadership skills, business leadership skills, increased self-awareness and self-regulation, skillful ability to lead your professional life to new and worthwhile horizons using proven systems, and to build your life and business from your strongest core.

Why consider an Empowerment Holdings Coach?

  • Intelligent Change Management –When your management fails do adequately consider the human aspects of change, important consolidations and negotiations often times do not succeed. (Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers, by Kriegel and Brandt, Time-Warner 1996). Expert coaching and executive coaching introduces solid ground to explore personal implications of change.    
  • Improved Motivation – Employee performance and perception of your company steadily improve when employees feel their needs are valued.  (The Hawthorne effect)
  • Improved Employee/Position Match-up – Key employees more frequently succeed at identifying what it is they want to contribute and where if they have access to constructive, objective feedback, as well as competency modeling and coaching.
  • Increased Productivity – Quality training programs alone have been shown to increase productivity by 22 percent on average. Follow-up coaching in conjunction has produced results of up to 87 percent. (Public Personal Management Magazine)
  • Sustained High Performance – Besides resolving performance problems in individuals and organizations, expert coaching can leverage high performance toward emerging opportunities.
  • Bottom-line Improvement – Employees become engaged and passionate when they are able to utilize their genius and core competencies. (According to Q12 key criteria measurements during research conducted by The Gallup organization). Sales, customer loyalty, and profits improve as a direct result, while attrition is further reduced. (“Taking Feedback to the Bottom Line,” James Harter, Gallup Management Journal).
  • Return on Investment – Studies indicate an average return of $7.00 on every dollar invested in coaching. (Manchaster, Inc., 2001)
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