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One-on-One Mindfulness Based Leadership Training


Empowering extraordinary people to be extraordinary leaders!

Mindfulness Based Leadership Training provides the consistent development of greater composure and clarity inside your leadership practice.

Our one-on-one or team training empowers you with simple tools and actionable insights to quickly address pressing leadership challenges and strengthen your long term leadership vision, emotional intelligence and leadership skill set.

This program is ideal for you if you are currently in a leadership position and want to succeed or if you desire to grow into a position of leadership.


  • Build on your core strengths and natural abilities while refining your professional purpose, ethics in leadership and good leadership skills portfolio.
  • Think and act strategically and with accountability, respecting the relationship between your actions and their results.
  • Strengthen your composure through mindfulness based practices that help you establish a more substantial, well-rounded leadership presence and ability to manage change.
  • Achieve greater self-awareness and self-regulation, identified by employers as a major differentiator between you and your competitors.
  • Lead with less anxiety, knowing how to achieve satisfying solutions in your negotiations.
  • Achieve stress reduction and overall improved well being.
  • And much, much more…


Here is what’s included:

You will meet with your senior coach weekly for 30 minutes on the phone or in person depending on your location. You will receive Empowerment Holdings’ Mindfulness Based Leadership Training one-on-one. If you are committed and ready for leadership evolution and are looking for a personal leadership development plan, this program is for you.

Mindfulness Based Leadership Training also includes:

Actionable leadership techniques that are easily integrated
Measurable results in improved self-confidence and emotional intelligence.

In addition, Mindfulness Based Leadership Training offers:

Strategic Advice: Leaders need to make many important, often complex decisions. Your qualified coach’s advice can be a valuable asset in high-pressure situations.

Mediation: When things fall apart at work emotion can overpower IQ, and conflict can be difficult to resolve. Your coach provides impartiality, which can serve to negotiate solutions between fortified positions.

Program Length: Usually a minimum of 3-12 months.

Call us today at (805) 680-3988 for your personal Free 25 minutes Empowered Perspective Consultation. You will leave this valuable session with:

  • Crystal clear written goals.
  • A “next step” and “how to” action plan.
  • Greater personal awareness!
  • Hidden challenges revealed!
  • Renewed energy and focus for intelligent success!
  • Powerful motivation and accountability to get the results you want!

Enroll in the Mindfulness Based Leadership Training Program and get started today!

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