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Phil is a managing director at a large East Coast consulting firm. People consider him an expert in his field as well as a thought leader.

He is fifty-five years old. 30+ years in his career he has accumulated a pool of knowledge and great expertise. He does not want to redefine his life, yet he wants to meet intelligent people who understand what life is like for a leader in his position.

He wants a sounding board – another person’s perspective on problems and challenges he deals with every day.

He is looking for an open forum for executives to meet and exchange about important issues concerning conscious business.


Phil joins Empowerment Holdings’ One-Day Sacred Entrepreneurship™ Conference. He meets other successful senior executives from a variety of industries (Empowered People) for a one-day workshop in NYC. The event focuses on Effective Decision Making for Fundamental Change.

During the program, Phil is reminded of the importance of clearpurposeful action, greater self-awareness and composure in his leadership (Empowered Perspective).

He is coached in methods that develop all three (Empowered Processes). At this stage in life, many leaders like Phil are considering a shift in focus in order to be more fully involved in their community and give back to the people around them.

The event helps Phil clarify his thinking about this period in his life and reveals new goals and visions for his future. He discovers The Empowered Perspective, our monthly newsletter, as a means to keep nurturing his process and perspective when at the office or at home (Empowered Performance).


Phil implemented mindfulness and awareness training into his life. He is coached on a one-on-one basis.

He experiences significant improvement in key relationships of his life and business through greater emotional intelligence and the implementation of our4 Pillars of Conscious Business and Sacred Entrepreneurship™.

There is an atmosphere of authenticity, trust and efficiency that Phil carries back to his company and to all his clients. His clients continue to benefit from his optimism, courage and inner strength.

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