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Sacred Entrepreneurship™
Business Owner Empowerment Master program


leadership trainingThe purpose of this program is to master your ability to overcome causes, not just symptoms of your current personal and professional limitations. You are coached to understand entrepreneurship as a potential vehicle for great personal development, beneficial professional impact and ongoing positive transformation. We also connect you with an intimate network of like-minded entrepreneurs all across the country.

This program is ideal for you if you are a business owner or entrepreneur and want to live your professional life as a path toward greater personal fulfillment, wholesome contribution and positive change.


  • In this program you will identify causes for your personal and professional wellbeing, effectiveness and success.
  • You will learn to identify hidden areas of dysfunction in your company and personal life and obtain the tools and methods to remedy them.
  • You will create a powerful vision for your life and business that is grounded in an intelligent and accurate understanding of reality, not simply wishful thinking or make belief.
  • You will learn to identify guiding principles in alignment with reality and your intention to create continuous benefit and prosperity.
  • You will learn to manage your time well, not simply in regards to your professional ambitions but also in regards to your desired sense of fulfillment and meaning in your life.
  • You will learn to lead from a well-grounded place of insight, openness and emotional stability.
  • You will gain support through safe and intelligent exchange with an inspired, exclusive community of successful business owners mastering similar challenges.

leadership training, executive coachingStructure:

How does it work?

  • You will meet as a small group (12 max.) with one of our senior coaches in person four times a year for a two-day offsite event. (Customized program for solopreneurs and individuals upon request)
  • You will have one two-hour telephone conference per month with your Sacred Entrepreneurship™ group. (Customized program for solopreneurs and individuals upon request)
  • You will have one 30-minute laser coaching telephone meeting with your senior coach per month. Your opportunity to meet one-on-one for personal in-depth guidance.

  • You will accomplish various exercises from designated workbooks throughout the year, integrating and implementing your new understanding and new methods into your daily life. And also effective leadership skills will be developed in your life.

  • You will receive ongoing online and telephone support for unexpected needs and problems.

  • This program is available in a customized form for individual clients please contact us for details.

Our Guarantee

Your Satisfaction is guaranteed for all our programs by our full money back guarantee. It’s very important to us that our programs help you get where you want to go. You can decide, for any reason, that our program didn’t benefit you and you want a refund. You will get it no questions asked.

But, there are some conditions. You have to participate, do the work and apply what you have learned on your own on an ongoing basis. If you can do that, we have your satisfaction fully covered.

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“The people at Empowerment Holdings have been invaluable to me!

I immediately recognized them as someone who would have a very positive impact on my life. I particularly appreciate that the teachings are very real and pragmatic.  They apply to my world and my everyday life. Empowerment Holdings takes complex ideas and makes them very accessible.

I feel strongly about the value their programs bring to the lives of many people.  I see how others relate immediately to their open, caring attitude and teaching style, and I hope that many people will continue to benefit from their teachings.”

Jennifer, Business Owner and CEO

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