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Case Studies - Empowerment Holdings Results

leadership trainingHere are some of our case studies.

See how we have helped resolve someone else’s problem and empowered them on their path toward greater personal satisfaction, Intelligent Leadership and Quality of Life in Business.

Case Study 1:


Phil is a managing director at a large East Coast consulting firm. People consider him an expert in his field as well as a thought leader.

He is fifty-five years old. 30+ years in his career he has accumulated a pool of knowledge and great expertise. He does not want to redefine his life, yet he wants to meet intelligent people who understand what life is like for a leader in his position.

He wants a sounding board - another person’s perspective on problems and challenges he deals with every day.

He is looking for an open forum for executives to meet and exchange about important issues concerning conscious business.


Phil joins Empowerment Holdings’ One-Day Sacred Entrepreneurship™ Conference. He meets other successful senior executives from a variety of industries (Empowered People) for a one-day workshop in NYC. The event focuses on Effective Decision Making for Fundamental Change.

During the program, Phil is reminded of the importance of clear purposeful action, greater self-awareness and composure in his leadership (Empowered Perspective).

He is coached in methods that develop all three (Empowered Processes). At this stage in life, many leaders like Phil are considering a shift in focus in order to be more fully involved in their community and give back to the people around them.

The event helps Phil clarify his thinking about this period in his life and reveals new goals and visions for his future. He discovers The Empowered Perspective, our monthly newsletter, as a means to keep nurturing his process and perspective when at the office or at home (Empowered Performance).


Phil implemented mindfulness and awareness training into his life. He is coached on a one-on-one basis. 

He experiences significant improvement in key relationships of his life and business through greater emotional intelligence and the implementation of our 4 Pillars of Conscious Business and Sacred Entrepreneurship™.

There is an atmosphere of authenticity, trust and efficiency that Phil carries back to his company and to all his clients. His clients continue to benefit from his optimism, courage and inner strength.

Case Study 2:


Nicole owns and operates a successful beauty and skin care company. She worked hard to grow her business to its current size of several million in annual revenue. Long hours were needed in order to become this successful and she sacrificed much of her peace of mind and work/life balance to get here. On top of her game she feels that something is missing but can’t quite put her finger on it.

Nicole doesn’t just need someone telling her what to do. She has tremendous professional experience and knows how to achieve results.

She wants a partner for her growth and a sounding board with valuable insight into what is missing in her approach. At times she feels dissatisfied and restless about the choices she sees on the horizon.


We introduced Nicole to a coaching process of a different kind. Based on our Sacred Entrepreneurship™ program, Nicole reviewed her company’s vision and operations with deeper understanding and aligned her company’s performance with her personal goals, the well being of her family and friends and the world around her. She received guidance in the implementation of our 4 Pillars of Conscious Business and Sacred Entrepreneurship™.


Her reactivity and anxiety decreased concurringly to her growing insight and her ability to develop her business under the Sacred Entrepreneurship™ model.

She feels more joyful, confident and centered in most situations, whether alone in her office or around clients and employees.

She realized that her life and business are a direct expression of her process of integration and personal awareness. She moves forward with newfound inspiration and intelligence.

Work/Life balance is no longer a luxury; it’s now a human capital contribution to her company.

Her employees and peers look to her with admiration. She gets approached for skillful advice. Her clients and industry insiders are taken by her empowered presence, not just her company’s products. The company still continues to grow in productivity and sales.

Case Study 3:


Jennifer and her husband own a successful consulting firm that generates six figures in annual revenue. She is respected in her field of Business Consulting and knows her craft.  It becomes increasingly difficult for Jennifer to unwind. Her states of stress and overwhelm lead her to us.

She has done everything “right” - or the way she was suppose to - when she finished Business School.

She has a great family, a great house and a great reputation.

But underneath it often feels hollow, she questions the meaning of her career and the benefits her clients are receiving from training with her in the long term: Should she keep going or change paths?

There is no one who she feels really understands her situation and can assist her. Everyone around her seems too wrapped up in their own world or personal perspective.


Jennifer receives one-on-one Executive Coaching (Empowered people). She does the hard work of reviewing her personal and professional convictions - how do they hold up against the naked facts and realities of her business and life (Empowered Perspective)?

She integrates an acute understanding of impermanence and change, a deeper motivation to be authentic, open and composed in all circumstances, and the aspiration to never stop learning and growing (Empowered Perspective).

She is coached in Empowerment Holdings’ 4 Pillars of Conscious Business and Sacred Entrepreneurship™ and develops the right attitude, ability, emotional intelligence, leadership and skills to benefit herself and her company without delay. We keep her accountable and partner with her during the integration phase and beyond (Empowered Processes, Empowered Performance).


Jennifer became clear on how the puzzle pieces of her work and life fit together seamlessly. Her clients value her deepened insight and the new commitment and skill that she brings to her work.

Case Study 4:


David is in his sixties and a senior partner in a prestigious law firm. He handles Mergers and Acquisitions. He works hard, is successful and well connected.

At the height of his success, after nearly thirty years of marriage, his wife leaves suddenly. Disoriented and shaken by the events, David sets out to review his approach and learn all there is to know about difficult conversations, separation and loss. He attends seminars and reads countless books on self-improvement and relationships.

His career is affected because he is now going through a difficult divorce. His wife is suing, his children suffering under the separation; he’s exhausted from ongoing issues with anger and depression. His therapist, who he has known and worked with for years, isn’t able to guide him beyond the limits of his own perspective.

After about a year of his own efforts he calls us because he heard about our background in meditation practice and that we are skilled at coaching our clients toward emotional intelligence and greater professional composure. He wants to make more out of life and comes to us for help.


David receives our One-on-One Mindfulness Based Leadership Training and gets immediate answers. He and his coach spend several sessions reviewing the different aspects of David’s personal and professional situation and then begin to lay out a tailored action plan for initiating real and sustainable change according to our 4 Pillars of Conscious Business and Sacred Entrepreneurship™.

David and his coach (Empowered People) develop a vision and strategy for his desired development that accurately addresses David’s frustrations and self-defeating habits of emotional reactivity.  

David receives training in recognizing and working with destructive emotions. He is given one-on-one mindfulness and awareness training (Empowered Perspective, Empowered Process).  David is held accountable by his coach to give weekly progress updates on implementation (Empowered process, Empowered Performance).


David identified several root causes for his distress. He learned to identify his habitual mental narratives and destructive emotions earlier. He reacts less frantic when challenged and stays calm during tough proceedings.

Even David enjoys greater work/Life balance. Even when at work he is more focused and composed in taking care of his clients. His partners have remarked the change, his children find him more relaxed and emotionally available, and he displays greater emotional intelligence and leadership.

Case Study 5:


John is a straight A student just out of High School. He is the son of a wealthy and prominent family and seems to be going through a difficult phase. During his first year in college he starts drinking excessively, smokes pot almost daily and ends up being arrested more than once for unacceptable behavior in public.

He feels lost and unhappy with himself about the many recurring arguments he has with his parents.

They worry about the choices he makes and fear he is simply going to blow his chance at a good life during these important years of personal formation. They try to talk to him but each conversation ends the same way, in arguments and accusations.

His parents wish they could have someone else step in and work with their son, but they don’t think therapy is the right approach as it focuses too much on his limitations and issues and not enough on his strengths and aspirations.

Looking for something special they find Empowerment Holdings’ Youth Empowerment: True Voice™ - One-on-One Teen and Young Adult Mindfulness Based Leadership Training.


John meets with his coach on the phone once a week (Empowered People). For once, it’s not just about his parent’s wishes; it is about him, his challenges and finding his own True Voice™.

He learns to identify and understand his emotions and make decisions that are in his and others’ best interest, in the short and in the long term (Empowered Perspective, Empowered Processes).

He learns to identify and understand his emotions and take decisions that are in his and others’ best interest, in the short and in the long term (Empowered Perspective, Empowered Processes).

He is coached in the release of dysfunctional habits and learns how to take skillful actions that lead to the results he wants for his life.

He learns to stay accountable over time (Empowered Performance).

That process takes trust, which is why our coaches show how it is done in their own life. Nothing kills trust of a teenager or young adult like saying one thing and doing another.


John discovered the power of greater self-awareness, a precious asset and personal commodity he never he knew he had. He discovered new purpose and meaning for his personal life and has laid a foundation for his leadership skills and future professional life. The qualities of good leadership have developed and grown.

He found a door to redefining his relationship with his parents and the world he lives in. It was hard work, yet his parents and friends can see that he has shifted course and is now more open and connected than he has been in a very long time.

His grades are back where they should be and most importantly he feels much happier and at home with himself since he has discovered his own unique True Voice™.

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“The people at Empowerment Holdings have been invaluable to me!

I immediately recognized them as someone who would have a very positive impact on my life. I particularly appreciate that the teachings are very real and pragmatic.  They apply to my world and my everyday life. Empowerment Holdings takes complex ideas and makes them very accessible.

I feel strongly about the value their programs bring to the lives of many people.  I see how others relate immediately to their open, caring attitude and teaching style, and I hope that many people will continue to benefit from their teachings.”

Jennifer, Business Owner and CEO

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