postheadericon The #1 mistake that brings a leader to his knees

Want to know the #1 mistake that brings a leader to his knees?

It’s a lack of humility.

The #1 mistake that brings a leader to his knees


Throughout history it is this one mistake that has leaders confused about what their actual role as a leader is. If a leader becomes unapproachable, you have no leader.

Without aspiring followers who trust the vision and execute the strategy, you have no leader. If you take away the student, you have no teacher. If you take away the apprentice, you have no mentor.

As an example, during the winter of 2006 Jet Blue faced massive communication challenges and it was humility that enabled the CEO to rise from the ashes.

If you fail to bring fourth the courage to admit that you are wrong quickly and move in a positive direction, all the leadership training in the world is simply going to prepare you for the slow encounter with the inevitable “crash”. The moment when your leadership has become obsolete, when your knowledge is no longer worth listening to; or your vision, strategy and plan of action are no longer worth pursuing.

To avoid this mistake, be sure to listen to the world around you, especially the natural world of places and people. Put your ear on the ground and your hand on the pulse.  It is always trying to tell you if you’re on track or not. Get on your knees, get really in there. Learn to intimately know yourself and others. If you do, humility will not be an issue. Guaranteed!

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