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postheadericon The fear factor in leadership success

There is a fear factor in leadership success and how you respond to it will determine your journey as a leader.

Fear is pervasive in life and business. Because of risk.

Of course, risk is inevitable in business too, and assessing and managing it makes for good business skills.

Fear is inevitable in business as well, mainly due to the unknown. In fact, all you have ever feared in your life was because of the unknown. The unknown consists of what has not yet happened and it is the great blank canvas upon which you can project your wildest personal and business nightmare scenarios.

The unknown is the big screen for your worries and anxieties. It’s an IMAX theater, the images are sharp and the sound is surround!

Your leadership success depends on your ability to deal with your fear of the unknown.

A trained mind knows fear intimately and does not let fear take the lead, ever.

Letting your fear take the lead will take you into the land of limitless projections, the land of “What ifs…”.

“What if we run out of money?”

“What if the client does not like our product?”

“What if I make the wrong decision?”

“What if I lose my job?”

“What if we don’t meet our projections?”

“What if…, what if…, what if…” is the beginning of every debilitating train of thought you have ever conceived.

Intelligent leaders deal with the unknown in a very different way. They do not let it ruin their composure, influence their decisions, emotions and moods.

Intelligent leaders control their own minds through mindfulness and awareness and base their decisions on what can be known and what is known rather than on their angst about the unknown.

Yet they address the unknown by exploring areas of their lives in which fear manifests. Because fear is the road sign leading you to greater leadership experience and understanding.

Next time you encounter fear, see it as invitation. An invitation to get to know the unknown. But don’t let it decide for you where you will place your next step.

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