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postheadericon The Power of “Real”

There lies power in being “real”

In the midst of everyday life there are a thousand masks you need to wear every day.
Some of these masks you wear for others, others you wear for yourself.

Over time it becomes difficult to know who was first, the mask or the relationship that upholds or necessitates it.

It is a daily challenge for a good leader to let go of masks where they are not or no longer needed.
Why is it necessary? Because most masks equal energy lost. It takes energy to be artificial. It takes energy to behave in ways that are not natural to you or me, and to pretend to be something you are in fact not.

Now, I am not saying that you should never wear your mask. Simply, that you should be aware of the first opportunity that you realize the mask is no longer needed. If you are aware, that opportunity might come much sooner than you think.

And remember: Every time you drop another mask, you’re one step closer to becoming the leader you always were.

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