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postheadericon The Secret Remedy for Leadership Obesity

The Secret Remedy Leadership Obesity or How to avoid a heart attack before your time.

“Sometimes the comfortable thing to do isn’t the right thing to do.” -Tony Blair

Leadership Obesity

Let’s be honest. You are quickly outgrowing the leaders who seem bloated, disengaged, bored, tired, argumentative, egotistical or overly selfish.

Times have changed. People are increasingly fed up with being manipulated in any way, shape or form into doing what’s not in their own intuitive best interest.

Leaders need to continuously wake up and grow up in order to be inspiring examples who don’t have to use fancy footwork, force or pressure to get results. Can you use your results to inspire and motivate instead?

The heart attack is symbolical. Open your heart. Widen it, deepen it. Or have it attacked by the reality of your people’s needs, wants, dreams, hopes, ambitions and interests.
As a leader, it does not serve you or your organization if you seek out comfort. In fact, comfort can be your enemy until you are a master at your craft, and even far beyond. Lose some weight, become pliant again, freshen your perspective on life and the current times. Step out of your comfort zone. Reconnect with your bravery, honesty and sense of responsibility. Let your heart embrace the concerns of your people, short and long term. THINK!

If you don’t you might find yourself not only outsourced and useless, you might even stop being inspired. And if you’re not inspired, why should anybody else be.

Leadership starts with you, lose the weight!

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