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postheadericon Are you worried about boots on the ground?

Are you worried about boots on the ground? Your boots?

Are you worried
about getting your own hands dirty, refining your attitude, honing your skill and losing your illusions about what it really takes to lead people intelligently and successfully?

Are you reluctant to open up the discussion how you can build a business that is ethical, consistent, authentic, transparent and an expression of your personal values and integrity.

Are you avoiding
looking at what the real causes of quality of life in business are and how you can get started with their implementation?

Why not start by putting your own boots on the ground. Become realistic about the need for you to develop greater composure and cultivate your connections with others.

Here are three things you can do today that will strengthen your Intelligent Leadership and Quality of Life in Business:

1) Develop a sense of humanity: Life’s not always about you and your needs and wants. People share a fate in that everyone is working to make the most of the time they have, whether that expresses in their private lives or professional lives. Open up, observe others! Are you really so different?

2) Commit unconditionally: You will only put forth your best effort and bare the heaviest burdens for goals that are well worth it, and a vision that is well conceived. Once you have found what these goals are and what that vision consists of, commit unconditionally. It is the one thing that keeps the red wood tree growing through the seasons and it will get you to your sunny spot as well.

3) Celebrate successes:
Every day has some successes. Whether you allowed someone in line to pay his coffee before you paid yours, or you succeeded in being a bit less anxious when Bill down the hall received laureates for an idea you sparked. Celebrate your successes and keep enjoying your journey. Less anxious = more quality of life. Remember that.

Boots on the ground

Are you worried about boots on the ground?

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postheadericon Truth is, excuses are useless – Taking 100% Responsibility For Your Life

But it’s not my fault! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE!

Do you hear yourself think these thoughts, or say these words on a regular basis? Do you know others who say these words and you know that they are simply wishing to avoid the fact that they might have to make some significant and important changes if they were to hold themselves fully accountable for the results they created?

In business and in life, if you make yourself not responsible you are giving away your precious power to make a change for the better. Whether you are blaming your employees, your bank account, the economy, your domestic situation, your health, your politician, or anybody else. You cannot become skillful or happy in your life if you choose to avoid taking full responsibility for your world and your experience of it.

Every year, it costs businesses’ small fortunes to repair the mistakes made by people who, if willing to take full responsibility, could and would have been able to respond effectively and timely to anything from small managerial problems to large misunderstandings in operations or negotiations.

Unforeseen events constantly take place as the result of our collective previous choices and actions. When they happen, what matters most is how you choose to respond. That is all you are in control of anyway. You can control your actions and you can control your reactions; that is it.

Taking full responsibility means you acknowledge that your response to a situation is your power within a situation. This takes honesty, patience, kindness and a certain amount of humility. Traits not always common or appreciated in modern business.

Neither blaming (not even yourself) nor complaining will create a favorable outcome from any given event; just simple, straightforward and intelligent response will have an impact on moving things in the intended direction.

Whenever you choose to blame and/or choose to become a victim of circumstance, you are giving your power away.

Taking full responsibility does not mean that you are the only one responsible and that others might not have to take responsibility as well, but that should not be your main concern. Whether they do or don’t take personal responsibility is not within your control so you are wasting precious time and resources on trying to make others do things against their natural inclination and/or will.

Step up – start working with people who are ready to be accountable and become yourself a part of a solution.

Taking responsibility is what separates the mature leader from the want-to-be.

If you want to start taking more responsibility for your life and work, there are simple formulae that we teach in our programs to help you do that. First, understand the self-defeating ramifications of your inability or unwillingness to take 100% responsibility for your results. Secondly, ask yourself some tough but honest questions:

If I were to take just a little more responsibility in this arena of my life and business, what could I actually do to improve the situation? Watch what comes to mind.

It all boils down to refining your response.

There is a difference between a reaction and a response because the latter draws from the intelligent engagement of your physical, mental and emotional resources to guide a conscious and decisive act. Reaction often is simply habitual and guided by your tendency of wanting to sidestep full responsibility for the outcome.

Let me give you an example: When David, an attorney and senior partner in his firm, wanted to get his life back on track after his divorce, he called us for Awareness Leadership training and stopped blaming his wife for leaving him and destroying the comfort zone of their unhealthy relationship habits. Now, a year later, he is thriving in new experiences, more awake and happy than he has been in the previous two decades.

Or Jen, a business owner and CEO, who felt stuck in her progress as a professional because she was facing strong temptations to turn away from her deeply rooted fears and self doubts. She signed up for our Executive Coaching and now is settled stably in her growing responsibilities and deepened client relations.

So, the next time you are faced with an unwanted event remember that it is your response which is within your sole control and which will redefine the outcome. Take full responsibility for that response today.

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