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postheadericon What’s wrong with business coaching, consulting and executive services for “dead” professionals

People often ask you what you do!
When you answer that question, do you describe your products and services? Or do you communicate the benefits your clients receive?

For example,
at Empowerment Holdings we could say:

We offer business coaching, consulting and executive services for “dead” professionals!

Sounds good, but you’re probably going: What does that have to do with me, my problems, my wants and needs?

And you’re right.

If instead we’d say:

“We’re able to help you overcome your fears. Period. We alleviate your professional frustrations, dissatisfaction and inability to move beyond your current, uncomfortable situation. We wake you up from the “dead”. WE WAKE YOU UP. We help you achieve breakthroughs in personal leadership and professional development.”

You’d listen because you’d know what you could get out of your relationship with us.

A leader that possesses the ability to walk in their client’s shoes
for a while, who can get a sense of what life is really like for someone they’d like to do business with, will eventually become an ally and trusted friend. And people love to do business with friends, we do too.

Be a good leader and become a real friend. Take some time today and think about what people really want and need from you. Your family, your friends, your employees, your co-workers, your community, your world – what do they really want and need from you?

Wake up. Just for a minute,
let go of your self absorbed worries and problems and think about what the people you are serving or wish to serve are really like. What are they facing on a day-to-day basis and how would they like to feel facing it. Figure out a way to make them feel better and deal better with their challenges and you’ll make friends for life – you’ll deserve whatever success comes to you!

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