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postheadericon Are you worried about boots on the ground?

Are you worried about boots on the ground? Your boots?

Are you worried
about getting your own hands dirty, refining your attitude, honing your skill and losing your illusions about what it really takes to lead people intelligently and successfully?

Are you reluctant to open up the discussion how you can build a business that is ethical, consistent, authentic, transparent and an expression of your personal values and integrity.

Are you avoiding
looking at what the real causes of quality of life in business are and how you can get started with their implementation?

Why not start by putting your own boots on the ground. Become realistic about the need for you to develop greater composure and cultivate your connections with others.

Here are three things you can do today that will strengthen your Intelligent Leadership and Quality of Life in Business:

1) Develop a sense of humanity: Life’s not always about you and your needs and wants. People share a fate in that everyone is working to make the most of the time they have, whether that expresses in their private lives or professional lives. Open up, observe others! Are you really so different?

2) Commit unconditionally: You will only put forth your best effort and bare the heaviest burdens for goals that are well worth it, and a vision that is well conceived. Once you have found what these goals are and what that vision consists of, commit unconditionally. It is the one thing that keeps the red wood tree growing through the seasons and it will get you to your sunny spot as well.

3) Celebrate successes:
Every day has some successes. Whether you allowed someone in line to pay his coffee before you paid yours, or you succeeded in being a bit less anxious when Bill down the hall received laureates for an idea you sparked. Celebrate your successes and keep enjoying your journey. Less anxious = more quality of life. Remember that.

Boots on the ground

Are you worried about boots on the ground?

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