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postheadericon The anatomy of a bad decision

Here is the anatomy of a bad decision: You come to. You look around. How did I get here? What am I doing here? I don’t want to be here! Sh#*t!

This is how it starts, the recognition that you made a bad decision.

Suddenly… you feel squeezed, tight, hot, irritated and overwhelmed and you know you should have listened to that inkling of awareness that lit up in your consciousness and yelled “No, really, wrong way, bad decision!”

But it passed so fast, like lightning. And it was so easy to overlook.

The anatomy: A bad decision almost always…

1. Starts from a state of stress and overwhelm. Your mind is tense, anxious, frustrated and therefore veiled, you want and need fast relief.

2. As the pressure rises you ignore the signs. Your fatigue, your bad mood, her eyes, his remark, the noise, the masses. “Let’s just get moving already!”

3. When you come to the results speak for themselves. Are you better of then before? No. In fact, worse. Before you were not well, and now you applied leverage and the event has taken on a completely new dimension.

The remedy?

Slow down and appease yourself first. You don’t remedy noise with more noise or pain with more pain. The anatomy of a bad decision consists of unskillful remedial responses to an agitated, veiled state of mind. So start there. We can help.

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