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About Us

Empowerment Holdings was founded on the intention to enhance intelligent leadership and quality of life in business for you, our clients.

As corporate leaders, socially responsible entrepreneurs and meditation teachers possessing effective leadership skills we developed an approach how effective, timeless principles of Conscious Living can be translated beneficially into the context of an entrepreneurial, corporate training culture and executive leadership development programs.

A simple, visionary and powerful approach:

Your career and your business as a vehicle for ripening your human potential; your increased profits and quality of life as the direct result of your enhanced care for your clients’ needs, your employees’ needs, your care for the environment and your ongoing generation of sustainable value.

What makes us different from most strategic consultants, executive coaches, industrial psychologists, business consultants, leadership coaches, life coaches and organizational psychologists?

Most coaches and consultants are looking at symptoms; only few are addressing problems at the roots.

Two things that drastically improve intelligent leadership and quality of life in business for professionals are:

  1. An increased awareness of oneself, others and empowering communication, systems and processes;
  2. An increased ability to act and respond skillfully even under pressure.

The question then is: HOW?

How can you attain superior levels in your overall self-awareness and a refinement of your skillful actions and responses?

Our programs address these two areas for business owners and entrepreneurs and in the corporate executive context.

Your success and wellbeing depend on the cultivation of these strengths!

“We ask ourselves two very important question every day: How can we best assist you to achieve meaningful happiness and true success? What kind of a life offers you the greatest satisfaction and at the same time makes the most sense to live?

As you can see from our own biographies, this quest has allowed us to meet many extraordinary people and study with outstandingly accomplished masters, leaders and professionals around the world.

We see life as a vehicle for growth in understanding and accomplishment. Your family, work and community involvement should tell a story of contribution and human development.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of people gain clarity on their personal and professional aspirations and the way they go about achieving them. At Empowerment Holdings our approach is simple, yet the nuances are subtle, impactful and profound: Do what works; stop what doesn’t. Repeat. Relax. Rejoice.

We have helped clients gain important insights into the roots of their professional and personal frustrations and limitations.

We have helped clients decisively and completely shift the paradigm of those frustrations and limitations and see solutions they could not possibly envision before on their own.

We have helped clients identify and cultivate their strengths and consistently implement improvements to outgrow their limitations.

We have helped clients live more full and happy lives engaged in conscious business while generating revenue beyond their financial needs.”

- Dawa Tarchin Phillips, President/CEO

You are unique - the human challenge is universal: Live an inspired and meaningful life, run an efficient organization, earn an excellent living, enjoy the time you’re given, contribute a product or service of value, stay healthy, wealthy and grow wise, blossom rather than wilt, Leave a legacy of inspiration, honesty and success.

Intelligent people are tired of deluded messages in a thousand different voices and words.

At Empowerment Holdings we do not reinvent your wheel, we help you steer it better.

You and/or your organization possess knowledge and wisdom. We clearly identify it and expand on it; that is empowerment.

You and/or your organization possess skillful habits, systems and processes and also many unskillful ones? We clearly identify and help you outgrow the unskillful ones and leverage the ones that work with additional proven strategies. That is empowerment.

We help you focus and coach you with greater awareness and skillful methodology at the right time, in the right way, to the right aim in order to produce results.

Call to action:

We are doing the same in our own lives. You can read about our team here. See that we walk our talk.

Call us today at (805) 680-3988 for your personal Free 25 minutes Empowered Perspective Consultation. You will leave this valuable session with:

  • Crystal clear written goals.
  • A "next step" and "how to" action plan.
  • Greater personal awareness!
  • Hidden challenges revealed!
  • Renewed energy and focus for intelligent success!
  • Powerful motivation and accountability to get the results you want!

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“The people at Empowerment Holdings have been invaluable to me!

I immediately recognized them as someone who would have a very positive impact on my life. I particularly appreciate that the teachings are very real and pragmatic.  They apply to my world and my everyday life. Empowerment Holdings takes complex ideas and makes them very accessible.

I feel strongly about the value their programs bring to the lives of many people.  I see how others relate immediately to their open, caring attitude and teaching style, and I hope that many people will continue to benefit from their teachings.”

Jennifer, Business Owner and CEO

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